Far Cry 3 Trainer

Far Cry 3 Trainer

Trainer Options:

NUM1 – Inginite Health
NUM2 – Infinite Stamina
NUM3 – Infinite Money
NUM4 – Infinite Experience
NUM5 – Infinite Oxygen
NUM6 – Infinite Ammo
NUM7 – No reload
NUM8 – Infinite Explosive
NUM9 – Super Accuray
NUM0 – No Reload
Page Up – Super Speed
Page Down – Super Jump
F1 – 2X Money
F2 – 4X Money
F3 – 8X Money
F4 – 16X Money
F5 – 2X Experience
F6 – 4X Experience
F7 – 8X Experience
F8 – 16X Experience
F9 – Infinite Rucksack Space
F10 – Infinite Skill Points
F12 – Display Full Map
NUM, – Save Location
NUM+ – Teleport
NUM- – Undo Teleportation
HOME- Disable All

How To Use.

Just start the trainer,then the game and activate the options with the hotkeys.


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